Don’t be discouraged by the bait-and-switch marketing: Magic Mike

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Like Saturday Night Fever and Boogie Nights before it, Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike gives us a bleak portrait of how folks at a dead-end find escape (and cash) in grimy professions…accompanied by a disco soundtrack.

Channing Tatum takes the slick dance moves of his breakthrough Step Up and actually applies some real acting this time. His street smarts and desperation mix with a winning charm and wit in a great performance, equaled by that of pseudo love interest Cody Horn. She’s dynamite – one of the more believable romantic leads in film in a long time because first and foremost she is a friend.

Matthew McConaughey (spelling?) has finally found a sleazy role that fits his greasy, country-fried personality, and Matt Bomer and the other supporting players gleefully supply the more comic moments of the film. I suspect many may be disappointed by the bait-and-switch nature of the film’s marketing campaign, but I liked that fact that the film gives a pretty unflinching look at the sad, unremarkable, and heartbreaking lives of these beautiful losers.

7 thoughts on “Don’t be discouraged by the bait-and-switch marketing: Magic Mike

  1. Saw this one and agree with you. For a moment when the movie ended I thought, “what just happened.” It took me a minute to reflect back on what I had just seen. Sans the hype, it was good.

    • Thanks, Maureen – I agree. I had that feeling at the end of the film as well, but I do keep thinking about it…which I figured is the hallmark of a pretty decent movie. Thanks for your comment!!

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