What Law Firm Marketers Need to Do Now To Succeed in 2023 – ALM/LMA webinar March 1, 2 pm ET … #lmamkt #lma23

Looking forward to joining Heather Nevitt, Editor-in-Chief of Corporate Counsel and Global Leaders in Law, ALM; Mark A. Smolik, Chief Legal Officer, DHL Supply Chain; and Mike Gaw, Deputy General Counsel, Mana Common for this crucial conversation. Register here.

In-house leaders are facing a number of issues in 2023 including navigating risk in an uncertain economic climate. Specifically GCs are being careful about expending resources while optimizing technology and headcount to drive better outcomes while keeping costs under control.

This webcast, produced as part of Legal Marketing Association – LMA International’s partnership with ALM’s Law.com and its Corporate Counsel media brand, will explore top-of-mind issues for in-house leadership in 2023 and present advice for law firm marketers to better engage this critical audience for success.

Identify the top three challenges facing GCs this year.

Describe what has changed in the way that in-house departments are considering and evaluating legal services.

List some dos and don’ts for legal marketers looking to successfully engage corporate counsel.

Recognize tips for reaching and influencing in-house leadership through the legal media.

Title: What Law Firm Marketers Need to Do Now To Succeed in 2023.

Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Time: 2:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time – New York

Duration: 60 minutes

“Teaser days.” LMA President’s message for February … #lmamkt #lma23

Original post here For those of us who live in climates where there are more fir trees than palm trees, there’s a saying my husband and I have for those unseasonably warm days that remind us spring is just around the corner: “Teaser days.”

We had a few gloriously sunny, vibrant teaser days last week ― the kind where it seems our tulips and daffodils might burst spontaneously from the ground in full color. Of course, now we’re back to the arctic blast we typically have this time of year in Michigan. But as we rapidly move through the year, days like this do remind us that good times are ahead.

The news cycle is full of portentous warnings and frightening updates about the economy and job loss, environmental tragedies, violence, political wrangling and what feels like one existential threat after another. It’s easy to lose faith, but these teaser days are a reminder of what‘s redeeming about this world. The promise of change, reconnection to the earth and reconnection to each other make it easier to get excited once again for what the future may hold.

I’m similarly grateful for our community. Whether we gather in person or online, your creativity, your caring hearts and your thoughtfulness feed the soul. I’m watching our regions and our Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) generate incredible content, educational offerings and events. I see you celebrate each other, your accomplishments and your thought leadership. I smile when you post an inspiring mix of the personal and the professional on social media. The warm glow of our collective experience heals.

This is a remarkable community.

In March, I invite you to join me for a Town Hall conversation. We’ll offer updates on what the LMA International Board is working on in advance of our April Annual Conference (see more on that below). A few things you can look forward to during this conversation:

  •  A spotlight on the excellent marketing support (game sees game!) from our HQ team.
  •  An open mic to any of our regional presidents who want to share what they’re excited about this year.
  •  Open dialogue for any concerns, opportunities or celebrations you’d like to share.

In the same spirit of openness, if you’re interested in the work our committees, SIGs and regions are pursuing, click here for a summary of the goals. It’s such a fantastic group of leaders and I think you’ll be struck by the intentionality of their work.

Finally, speaking of palm trees, I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer this reminder of our incredible LMA Annual Conference happening this April in Florida. We recently announced our impressive General Counsel Panel and our exciting Keynote Speaker

We look forward to welcoming more than 1,000 of our community to the conference, and it promises to be a fun, informative, energized gathering. Register now and meet me there! Bonus: We have some surprises planned! More on those later, but spoiler alert ― you’ll want to dig out your best fab ‘80s fashion flare for our Tuesday night party. Rad!

Keep dreaming of spring!💐

Love you!


President, 2023 LMA International Board of Directors

Roy E. Sexton
Director of Marketing
Clark Hill

From the theatre world to legal marketing … yours truly guests on “The Marketing Moguls” podcast #lmamkt

Thank you, Tier 11, for inviting me on as a guest for your #MarketingMoguls podcast! I enjoyed our conversation very much – always fun to share our stories and experiences in this space.

Episode description (I read this and think, “Wait, are they writing about ME?!?”): Are you ready to skyrocket your marketing strategies and dominate your competition? Look no further! On this episode of Marketing Moguls, we’re sitting down with a marketing heavyweight who has made a big impact in the industry. With decades of experience under their belt, they’ll be sharing insider tips and tricks on how to increase conversions, create winning ad campaigns, and make sure your brand stays top-of-mind with your target audience.

“You’ll hear about the executive’s unique journey from the theater world to marketing and how they’ve leveraged digital channels and creative techniques to reach a massive 12 million people on social media in just one year. Plus, learn how their forward-thinking CEO has used company culture as a marketing tool, helping to set their brand apart from the rest.

“Don’t miss this exciting episode of Marketing Moguls where you’ll get the chance to pick the brain of one of the most innovative minds in the industry. Tune in now and elevate your marketing game to the next level!”

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

00:00:00 Meet The Marketing Mavericks: Top Executives And Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

00:02:27 Charting Your Course In Marketing: Insights From The Legal Marketing Association – LMA International

00:04:17 Behind The Scenes: Marketing For Theater Productions And Supporting Actors

00:08:24 Striking The Perfect Balance: Expert Marketing Strategies Melded With Following Orders

00:09:35 Navigating The New Normal: Restructuring And Reorganizing Marketing In A Pandemic

00:13:09 From Concept To Conversion: Innovative Marketing Ideas For Optimal Results

00:15:50 Maximizing Your Reach: The Power of The Funnel In Guiding Purchasing Decisions

00:17:36 Building A Strong Brand: Using Voice And Culture To Drive Marketing Success

00:18:34 The Advantages of Scale: Accelerating Growth Through Lateral Acquisitions and Joining A Larger Team

Listen here: https://player.captivate.fm/…/b27baaee-cf74-4d0c-bdd4…

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0l65nCV3cPzjxNMoGMbMdl

Why am I wearing a knit hat inside on an unseasonably warm February Day in #Michigan? Not to mention the fact that wearing a knit hat makes me look like an egg, and wearing a pastel green hat makes me look like an Easter egg? Well, it’s all for a good cause. Join us as we #ShamrockTheHouse. McDonald’s restaurants in Michigan will be donating $.25 from every #ShamrockShake and #OreoShamrockMcFlurry to support #RonaldMcDonaldHouseCharities. Get a sweet treat and help an important cause. I am a proud board member of Ronald McDonald House Charities Ann Arbor! #keepingfamiliesclose

“There are amazing people around you” #LMA23

The past weekend the Legal Marketing Association – LMA International international board and team gathered. It was by turns an invigorating, provocative, robust, and inspiring conversation. Grateful to be part of this engaging group and Association community.

We had an incredible enrichment activity with Axelle Flemming (FKA Melissa Yee Loy) Being Axelle – thank you, Kevin Iredell, for bringing her to us. She’ll also be at #LMA23 for all our membership to benefit from her wisdom.

In short, we all live to a great extent in the fight or flight side of our brains, and when we are in that survival mode, there is absolutely no way to grow, be strategic, be truly inclusive, or make a long term difference in this world. She gave us great language and ideas to shape our team dynamic and our service to our organization. I look forward to her engaging more with our broader community and sharing her perspective.

As for this Post It note, she asked each of us to slap one on our back and let our colleagues write words that they associated with us. Our personal “brand” through the eyes of our peers. The results were funny, entertaining, and poignant. Yes, I will be framing mine. #lmamkt

Thanks to my dear friend Nancy Myrland who found inspiration in this post to craft this wonderful and authentic blog entry: https://www.myrlandmarketing.com/lawyers-what-is-holding-you-back-from-growing-your-practice/

Excerpt: “Instead of taking the deceptive path of least resistance and fleeing from the amazing work that I know you can do, I invite you to allow yourself to fight through those barriers, that scar tissue, and to choose to do the things you need to do to grow your practice. There are amazing people around you, and yes, I am one of them, that are here to help you if you don’t know where to start. (That sounded kind of braggy, didn’t it?)”

I’m not right. Saw this poor stuffed rabbit tossed in the street in Hollywood, Florida. (Here for a meeting.) Felt sorry for said bunny. So I bought a bottle of Dawn Detergent at 7-11 and soaked the little fellow in the hotel tub. Turned out ok if I do say so myself. I’m quite the world traveler. 🤣 Laura Gassner Otting, gets the win for its name: “Bed Bugs Bunny.” 😅

For those worried/wondering about little Bed Bugs Bunny’s fate (h/t to Auntie Laura Gassner Otting, Author/Speaker for that name), he’s spun (literally) through our “day spa” (laundry room) twice and is now ensconced with some newfound friends (h/t Miss Coco Peru and Passle) in our “salon” (guest bedroom). He’s even found some reading material (h/t Heidi Smith / Beth Kennedy). Welcome home, buddy. #rescue #bekind #florida #michigan #bunny #secondchances #makeover

My sweet dad Don Sexton with this beautiful, creative #valentines surprise in the mail. My heart. Though I think Hudson is more impressed with my dad’s art than mine. Admittedly these drawings of mine that my dad unearthed were from when I was 3 or 4. Or maybe from college. Who knows? 🤷 #family #love #valentinesday #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogslife

Hybrid work … without the #theatre … #lmamkt

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hybrid-work-without-theatre-elevate-ac

Thank you, Robert Clarke and Elevate, for the lovely chat and this interview write-up. I enjoyed our conversation immensely ✨

“Roy Sexton on Teams, Leadership and Learning: ‘You’re only as good as the rest of the cast. Bad actors are the ones who only worry about themselves, whereas good performers think: How can I help the entire cast be good? The audience experiences the entire show, not just one performer – not just the lead. It’s the same in business…’ #elevateelite #leadership #learning Click image for more.”

#lmamkt 🎭

An authentic soul with a keen eye toward story-telling and culture building: DeFur Voran LLP’s Elizabeth Bell joins us on Legal Marketing Coffee Talk … #lmamkt

FACEBOOK: https://fb.watch/f_-KbsfOiR/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6982723896588259328/

YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/MtyT8DOgniM

Thank you, Beth Little Bell, for joining Rob and me today! You are such an authentic soul with a keen eye toward story-telling and culture building. #LMAmkt is truly fortunate to have you in our community. Appreciated how you painted a clear picture of the life of the solo marketer as brand and culture builder and how you use social media, community engagement, and thought leadership to support the DeFur Voran team.

And that team LOVES you – I don’t think in the history of the show we have EVER had so many of a marketer’s attorneys watch and express their heartfelt appreciation. You are clearly doing something right! Congrats on that new grandbaby, and thanks for all you do for Wabash College as well. Thanks one more time to Greg Castanias for connecting us.

Show description: Roy’s guest on our October 6 show was Elizabeth Bell, who leads marketing efforts for DeFur Voran LLP. She has also worked in the legal space as a law firm administrator and paralegal. Spoiler alert: she, like Roy, is a Hoosier AND has a storied background with his alma mater Wabash College. (And she just may have attended Wabash’s fierce rival school DePauw University … so sparks may fly!)

Beth is currently building a marketing program at her firm, and can speak to the opportunities and challenges facing the solo marketer. Roy and Beth unpack how one can leverage servant leadership to help support a small firm on its growth journey and how to build out the resources needed to “do all the things” required for effective law firm marketing and business development when you are a mighty team of ONE!

Legal Marketing Coffee Talk is brought to you by: By Aries and Kates Media: Video Production.

Thrilled to be moderating the opening session of this essential #legalmarketing boot camp. Thank you, LMA Northeast Region, Michelle Upchurch Murray, Jennifer Manton, Deborah Scaringi for your leadership here in bringing this to our Legal Marketing Association – LMA International members.

REGISTER: https://legalmarketing.org/Event-Details/northeast-2022-bootcamp 🥾

SESSION DESCRIPTION: We are privileged to work in a dynamic, rapidly evolving industry. The legal marketing and business development profession has a multiplicity of career paths and opportunities. Since hustle is our middle name as legal marketers, our own needs sometimes get lost in the shuffle of being in service to others. Being intentional about aligning your talents, desires, interests, and aspirations is more crucial than ever to continued success.

Please join us for a candid, lively conversation with leading lights in our industry on how they themselves shaped their careers amidst an ever changing landscape. We will highlight the career tracks available to you – business development, technologist, marketing and digital strategy, events, branding, coaching, consulting, and so much more – as well as projects you should pursue to maximize your visibility and impact. We will cover the importance of your own personal branding, how to stay relevant and known in this industry, and the importance of leaning on this LMA community to enrich your career.


Moderator – Roy Sexton, Director of Marketing, Clark Hill Law

Robyn Addis, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated

Michael Coston, CEO, Coston Consulting

Melissa Ertek, Chief Development Officer, Winston & Strawn LLP

Audra Triplett, Senior Manager, Business Development & Marketing, Foley & Lardner LLP