August 6 … life is a banquet

A year ago today … my beloved mom died suddenly.

It’s all been … a lot. Sometimes life feels in free fall. Other times oddly centered and calm.

A lot of change. Not all bad, nor unexpected. But I miss her.

That kind of brilliant, deep-feeling, vibrant, funny-as-hell force of nature, so unquestionably in your corner? You might know someone like that once in a lifetime, let alone be raised by one.

I’m deeply sad. Every day. But intensely grateful for who she was … and who I am as result.

And hopeful. Always hopeful.

And at peace.

“Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!” – Mame Dennis

9 thoughts on “August 6 … life is a banquet

  1. in the short time I’ve known her I’d say you described her perfectly. I miss her living life with abandon approach. I miss her and know she will be missed by so many. she was truly a one of a kind and how many people can you say that about?

  2. Truly one of a kind in all ways and “always”!!

    Susie is missed by so very, very many and remembered by thousands, because of her outreach and advocacy of ALL animals and even a few human-beings who were absolutely dear to her heart and I know remain in her soul today. Her books and many writings will go down in history as a true legacy of the woman she was . . . and lives in us even today.
    We Love You, Susie!!! ❤️💋
    💜~ Kathy

  3. I agree with Beth on the fact you describe her perfectly. I never met Susie, but I got to know her over the chats we had on Facebook, and I’ve always love her living her life with such wonderful joy. When a person (Me) talked with her you knew that she was a great lady and lived her life every day to the fullest it could be. She was an awesome friend and I miss her and like Beth I believe she was one of kind.

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