Yup, I’ve given into the pressure…

I’ve been posting my movie musings on Facebook for a few years now, much to the chagrin of true arbiters of taste. I tend to go see whatever film has been most obnoxiously hyped, marketed, and oversold in any given week…art films? Bah! Won’t find too many of those discussed here. And every once in awhile, I may review a TV show, theatrical production, record album, concert, or book (yeah, probably not too many of those)…and I may use this blog for some shameless self-promotion. Just a fair warning! Enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to Susie Sexton, Martha Gibiser Shea, Cyndee Harrison, Michael Lesich, Paula Rivera-Kerr, Lisa Rutledge, Judy Kramer, Pam Wong, and others who have been cajoling me to do this for awhile. Here goes nothing! You can view my mom’s work at www.susieduncansexton.com and check out my theatre group at www.pennyseats.org

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