Countdown: Best of Kylie Minogue

From my wonderful publisher Open Books

Just 23 days until the release date of ReelRoyReviews, a book of film, music, and theatre reviews, by Roy Sexton!

Here’s a snippet from Roy’s review of The Best of Kylie Minogue: “So by my last count, Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue has like seven or eight different greatest hits compilations (and, yes, I own all of them). What could yet another offering provide beyond a different sequencing and marketing/packaging? Alas, not much.”

Learn more about REEL ROY REVIEWS, VOL 1: KEEPIN’ IT REAL by Roy Sexton at

8 thoughts on “Countdown: Best of Kylie Minogue

  1. cool and i’m going to have to get a whole shelf just for your family’s books. can’t wait to ask for the ‘sexton section’ at barnes & noble one day )

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