3 … 2 … 1 …. Blast Off! That’s Entertainment!

From my wonderful publisher Open Books

Happy Release Day to Roy Sexton, author of ReelRoyReviews: VOL. 1: KEEPIN’ IT REAL!, a book of film, music, and theatre reviews, coming to a bookstore near you!

Please note that, in addition to online ordering, the book currently is being carried by Bookbound in Ann Arbor, Michigan; by Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan; and by Memory Lane Gift Shop in Columbia City, Indiana. Bookbound and Memory Lane both also have copies of Susie Duncan Sexton’s Secrets of an Old Typewriter series.

About Roy’s work, author Susie Duncan Sexton (and Roy’s mom!) writes, “Well, Roy blogs fabulously via his ‘Reel Roy Reviews’ … his rapidly expanding collection of fair and honest and loving critiques; each one shines, as gems always do! Reel Roy’s brilliant, witty, reverent love letters — laced with gentle candor — entice me to leave the house, the sole purpose being to either confirm his evaluations or argue with his appraisals the very next time he visits.”

Roy notes, “One of my earliest memories is going to the movies – perhaps Robin and Marian with Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery. I would have been four at the time, and I remember zilch about the film itself other than it contained a lot of British accents and rolling green hills and some anachronistic hair-dos. I haven’t seen it since, but I do recall being comforted by the dark stillness of the theatre itself, transfixed by the colorful flickering and the larger-than-life images and sounds. I suppose I fell in love with the visceral aspects of movie-going then and found my way to appreciate film’s more complex narrative pleasures as I grew older.”

Learn more about REEL ROY REVIEWS, VOL 1: KEEPIN’ IT REAL by Roy Sexton at http://www.open-bks.com/library/moderns/reel-roy-reviews/about-book.html. Book can also be ordered at Amazon here.

P.S. Thanks again to Colin McCallister and The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel for this coverage – print version of the article is below…

News Sentinel Coverage

News Sentinel CoverageNews Sentinel Coverage

9 thoughts on “3 … 2 … 1 …. Blast Off! That’s Entertainment!

  1. me too roy, i have always loved movies. and good news, the amazon drone left me dropped a copy of your book on my porch today! i can’t wait to give it a read, and now i have another autograph to get )

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