9 thoughts on ““Control is an illusion. There is no control.” Non-Stop

  1. i do want to see this, and after reading your review, that hasn’t changed, (even though it sounds like less than an oscar contender), due to the fact that i would watch liam if he were doing a shed-building how-to video )

  2. I would watch that “shed-building how to video” with you, beth…I always figured neeson was god’s version of Robert Mitchum revamped — correctly this time! mitchum–nah! neeson–ya! tremendous review, roy…are you ready for the influx of bible films now? have fun with those! hopefully just a blip! I am so bad!

    • Well, they have been threatening that influx for about 10 years now. And each year the influx ends up being two. One of which religious people are mad about, and the other one no one goes to go see. So I think we will be fine. Glad you enjoyed the review! And I agree with your assessment!


    • you called it exactly right, susie, on liam being the upgrade, the shiny convertible with the leather seats and extra cupholders added.

      and roy, it sounds like you are ready to handle the flood of biblio-films headed our way. so funny, you are right, someone usually thinks god will strike us down for the heresy found in one, and the other is generally quickly sent straight to video hell.

      p.s. if i am struck by thunder snow lightning in the next little while, know that i enjoyed knowing both of you

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