Guest review … “At least our dinner was good.” Mr. Turner

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Second guest review of the week. I’m sensing a trend here. Either I’ve grown too lazy to see (and write) about movies this month, or my friends and family have become inspired by this blog to offer their cinematic musings to the world. Or both.

My parents saw two movies this week – Danny Collins and Mr. Turner at Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Cinema Center. What follows is a cautionary email I received early this morning from my father Don Sexton about the otherwise dependable actor Timothy Spall’s Mr. Turner


On Mar 26, 2015, Don Sexton wrote:

  1. breakfast_2Don’t buy the DVD
  2. Maybe we are missing something – a total bore
  3. Unless you like watching people walk around in dress-up from the 1800s
  4. And you like watching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean with ships (which he – Turner – used as his subject ALL the time)
  5. And you like not understanding the dialogue because of the thick, muttering English 1800s accents
  6. … And you like getting the feeling that everybody is coming down with some kind of 1800s malady because it is the 1800s
  7. But we did like the three ladies Mr. Turner used/abused/treated badly … and to whom Turner all-around was an ass
  8. And finally – if you have nothing to do with 2+ hours of your life – go sit through Mr. Turner.

We definitely do not understand the hype on this one.  Love you.  But we did have a very good meal at the Guesthouse after the movie.  The glass was half full?


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6 thoughts on “Guest review … “At least our dinner was good.” Mr. Turner

  1. I want my money back…spall no longer to ever be sought out by me…this amounted to somebody trying to out PBS PBS? did not work worth shit…arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…double arghhhhhhhhh. I now even detest ART? i’ll recover some day…the pretentiousness appalled…and I have even suffered through better pretentiousness???? local artists for example??? ha! artsyFARTsiness at its lowest point in the history of the film industry. a mysteriously horrid mess. but do have a nice day in spite of my accurate rant! a great sunny, yellow-hued day watching ships dock?

    • hahahahaha! I love this response – I too hate artsyfartsiness! we must be related! “I now even detest ART? i’ll recover some day…the pretentiousness appalled.” tee hee!!!

      On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 3:49 PM, Reel Roy Reviews wrote:


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