“Our presence has meaning to them.” #lma23

We’ve gotten a couple of inquiries through the general LMA inbox – only two through that channel – but nonetheless expressing concern about us having an event in Florida given the current political climate. Below is how I have responded in both instances. There are likely better, smarter words I could have used, but these thoughts come from a place of sincerity. I don’t share this here to stir controversy unnecessarily or to spark debate; rather I am simply offering for collective awareness and for continued mindfulness. My response follows, and my door is always open …

“Hi – I appreciated your note about Florida. I actually addressed this a bit in our recent LMA Townhall. You may or may not know this about me, but I am gay and understand deeply your concerns. Of course, as you might imagine the wheels are set in motion on these events years in advance with long-term contracts and such. But even that isn’t a proper answer.

“What I said in the Townhall is that we have members in Florida and communities we serve who have been negatively impacted by state leaders’ actions. Our presence has meaning to them. Also we are identifying programs for LGBTQ youth and people of color and will be doing outreach and fundraising activities to support. I also have a surprise that I don’t want to spoil with which we will be opening the general session that will be a definitive statement as well.

“I know these words are probably cold comfort to you, but it was important for me to let you know that I hear you and we are doing what we can. Thank you for writing.

“Happy to discuss if more helpful – and thank you for your caring heart. Roy”

2 thoughts on ““Our presence has meaning to them.” #lma23

  1. I can see both sides. From a monetary standpoint, the amount you provide the state will be a drop in the bucket. But so will the impact of any voice lifted at the conference. I do think that anyone who doesn’t feel they should attend an event in the state should not do so. I personally would not go, but I despise Florida for more reasons than just DeSantis.

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