Getting ready to amplify! Plus more playlists! #lma23 #lmamkt

Are you ready to amplify? There is so much energy going into #LMA23 in a few weeks, and I for one can’t wait to spend time with this community. We realize not everyone has the opportunity to attend, but hopefully all of you are feeling the excitement and will be able to partake in some fashion, either in person or online. Thanks to Rob Kates of Kates Media and By Aries for their joint sponsorship of live video streaming from portions of the conference. (Be on the lookout for that!) And it’s not too late to register — come join us for what promises to be an invigorating, inspiring few days!

Why amplify, you might ask? When we were exploring themes, I mentioned a bit of theater training whereby actors are urged to “find their light” on stage. You know it when you see it/feel it. As an audience, you know it when the actors DON’T. Literally, the actors are hidden in the shadow unless they land just the right position to stand square in the spotlight. That idea morphed into “amplify” which seemed more apt. (And a bit less “new age-y” — FIND THE LIGHT!).

Our aim for this conference is that it arms every attendee with the tools, career guidance, networking, skills and inspiration to leave for home fully in the zone and ready to amplify their impact, careers and professional standing.

A few things to look forward to…

  • We have dynamic voices and minds leading our sessions at the conference. If you haven’t been checking out our conference speakers’ vibrant and informative session preview videos, give them a watch. 
  • Our keynote Laura Gassner Otting will inspire us to be limitless in our work and our lives. Laura has generously donated a copy of her new book, Wonderhell: Why Success Doesn’t Feel Like It Should . . . and What to Do About It, for each in-person attendee and she will be available after she speaks to meet everyone and sign her book!
  • Our General Counsel Panel — Aarash Darroodi, EVP and general counsel, Fender; Peter V. Nguyen, SVP, legal, general counsel and corporate secretary, The Descartes Systems Group Inc.; and Jodi Trulove, general counsel and chief client relations officer, Bates White LLC — will have a robust, wide-ranging conversation about what they crave (and what drives them bats) in terms of marketing and business development outreach. And to keep things interesting, we will frame that conversation through an homage to classic game shows 🎲🎯🃏— paging Gene Rayburn!

I’d like to extend my gratitude to our incredible Annual Conference co-chairs Lee WattsJen Dezso and Megan McKeon. It was nearly a year ago now that we started the journey to develop this year’s conference theme and offerings. They have put in countless hours and so much heart alongside our fab Annual Conference Advisory Committee and Pre-Con co-chairs. They all have exemplified what is best about LMA: innovation, grace, intellectual curiosity and FUN! And thanks again to our HQ team: Danielle Holland, Holly Amatangelo, Kaitlin Heininger, Ellie Hurley, Lisa Kamen and Sarah Logan, among others. They are the magicians behind the scenes lining up logistics, processes, communications and contracts. I am grateful we have such a collaborative and creative group to support us.

Whether attending this year or simply gearing up for some springtime adventures, I offer you this playlist🎵. Yes, another one. Can you tell this is my love language? Oh, the mix tapes I used to create in college. As you’re packing your bags for Florida, dreaming of reconnecting with your LMA colleagues or just taking a moment to roll down your car windows and jam out on a sunny day, I hope you find something to enjoy here. Yes, I went a bit overboard. Have you met me? But feel free to give it a spin from Apple Music or Spotify

Last but not least, thanks to the 100+ attendees at our recent Town Hall. We had a lively, engaging conversation, and you can catch the recording hereSome quick highlights:

  • Our joint survey with ALM is now live. You should have received an email on March 8 to participate. Thanks to our Advocacy Committee — led by Gina RubelAshley Defay and Alan Dickinson with LMA International Board liaison John Byrne — for this fine work. This is a 360° look at how our profession is viewed/valued — by us, by our internal stakeholders and industry leaders. There will be a joint session with ALM at the LMA Annual Conference to announce and discuss the findings. This data will be critical to continuing to position ourselves as THE authority in legal marketing.
  • Rachel Shields Williams from the LMA International Board is heading up a data governance/planning process. She’s in the discovery phase now with HQ; as the year proceeds, she’ll expand her engagement with LMA volunteer leaders to better understand needs and opportunities. This will inform long-term planning as well as help ensure member value that is segmented and targeted.
  • Our CEO Danielle Holland provided an overview of our growth plan and marketing communications — we have big goals and we will get there!
  • International Board members Jessica Haarsgaard and Tahisha Fugate are heading up a task force around member recognitions, exploring ways to expand our current processes, and looking to other comparable associations for best practices.
  • Our President-Elect Kevin Iredell and yours truly are working with Danielle and the team on long-term financial modeling related to our member growth goals.
  • Four of our regional presidents — Cynthia Voth (West), Laura Hudson(Southeast), Jennifer Shankleton (Midwest) and Kathryn Burke (Mid-Atlantic) — shared some great program offerings ahead for their regions— check them out!
  • Our LMA Director of Education Holly Amatangelo has assembled a member task force to review our education structure and offerings, the content of ourLMA Body of Knowledge and to assess long-term education delivery models…
  • …and more! So be sure to check out the recording

Thank you all for being you — it’s an honor to be part of this marvelous community!

Love you!


President, 2023 LMA International Board of Directors

Roy E. Sexton
Director of Marketing
Clark Hill

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