This. Is. Fun. #Drood

The cast of Drood


Love. This. Cast. (Photos by Aaron C. Wade. Swiping from Ron Baumanis. Get your tix NOW at – June 1-4)


Alisa Mutcher Bauer as Princess Puffer and Kimberly Elliott as Rosa Bud

We are having a ball. You will too. Don’t miss it.


Yours truly as Jasper and Kimberly Elliott as Rosa Bud


Jasper is nuts and Rosa seems innocent enough. Did one of them murder Edwin Drood? Solve the mystery yourself at The Mystery of Edwin Drood – Ann Arbor Civic Theatre –



Vanessa Bannister as Edwin Drood


Jared Hoffert as The Chairman


Layout by JM Atwood – all photos here and above by Aaron C. Wade

More info on JM Atwood at his design studio’s Facebook page


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