Countdown: The Guilt Trip

From my wonderful publisher Open Books

Just 17 days until the release date of ReelRoyReviews, a book of film, music, and theatre reviews, by Roy Sexton!

Here’s what Roy thought about The Guilt Trip: “The film blessedly avoids slapstick predictability and deftly sidesteps Freudian mama-bashing. The dynamic between the two actors is that of mother and son, a delicate spider web of love and generosity and aggravation and pride, and they deliver it with aplomb. I really loved this movie, and I hope, with time, people will discover and enjoy it for the kind-hearted enterprise that it is.”

Learn more about REEL ROY REVIEWS, VOL 1: KEEPIN’ IT REAL by Roy Sexton at Book can also be ordered at Amazon here.

8 thoughts on “Countdown: The Guilt Trip

  1. i saw this movie on a date, and he turned and said, ‘hey she is your twin.’ i’ve been told i look like babs my whole adult life, just wish i could sing like her. another friend and a daughter called to tell me it was me as well, not just the look, but in the water refilling, steak challenge, getting in wrong car, etc. i laughed my a$# off. )

    • yup, you are beautiful and sweet and fun just like her! we adored this – we just howled. it was so kindhearted and fun and funny – I loved her when she was waiting with Rogen and she was “playing her game” and didn’t want her purse on the floor so she used her “thingie” (that hook contraption)

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