Countdown: Xanadu

From my wonderful publisher Open Books

The countdown continues! Just 8 days left until the official release of ReelRoyReviews, a book of film, music, and theatre reviews, by Roy Sexton!

Mindy Roth Edgar

Mindy Roth Edgar

More nice comments from folks who have received copies early…

Liz Berry Schatzlein: “Dad always said Roy Sexton was the best student he ever had. How proud he would have been to have seen this book that just came out – and to see himself thanked in the introduction! Y’all pick up a copy of Roy’s new book – when it comes to movies, he tells it like it is! Congrats, Roy!”

Mindy Roth Edgar: “Lovin’ the book. Your description of movies on [Fort Wayne’s] Channel 55 made me laugh out loud (does anyone type that out any more?). You have enticed me to see some movies that I had passed on before. Congrats!”

Joni Deufel: “Your wonderful book just arrived from Amazon, Roy!!! I am beyond excited to receive it! You put sparkle into everyone’s life that knows you.”

Carole Craft: “Roy, I found your book on my doorstep this morning! I brought it to work so if I have any free time I can sneak a peek! Roy, you are just about the nicest person I know, and I am so pleased with all your accomplishments. I love you dearly. I will read every word, just as I do anything you or Susie write. You are two talented people, and I am proud of you both!”

Tina Braid: “My whole family was standing around admiring the book (and your name on it).  My son said, ‘Isn’t that your fun friend, Roy?’  Pretty cool.  Brought it in to work to show around!”

Robin Plasterer: “I just bought this book. Can’t wait to get it autographed. Can’t wait to read it and share with all of my friends, via coffee table.”

Because it is Throwback Thursday, here is a snippet of a review from one of Roy’s favorite childhood movies, Xanadu: “Lord, Xanadu, the 1980 roller disco musical starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly (!) is awful. I wish I could have back the hundreds of hours I spent as a child watching it over and over and over again.”

Learn more about REEL ROY REVIEWS, VOL 1: KEEPIN’ IT REAL by Roy Sexton at Book can also be ordered at Amazon here.

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