It was the 70s, and our entertainment choices were limited! The Bullfighter and the Lady

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When this blog was on its way to becoming a book earlier this year, my mom reminded me that my first reviews weren’t actually written here in cyberspace, but rather were scrawled on legal pads during my toddler days.

One day long, long, long ago, I took it upon myself to watch whatever old movies were being broadcast on Fort Wayne’s Channel 55 and transcribed everything I saw on the telly for my mom who was otherwise occupied with tasks that (wisely) took her away from watching things like Robert Stack’s “classic” The Bullfighter and the Lady (produced by John Wayne).

It was the 70s, and our entertainment choices were limited!

At that time we had only five channels – ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and the new kid on the block Channel 55 that was a precursor to AMC (when AMC still showed nothing but fabulous films).

Below you will find the pages (carefully illustrated, I might add!) from my take on this very odd film. Thanks to my mom for saving these and for lovingly scanning them all. Keep your eye on this blog in future weeks, as I will post some more of my juvenilia – the juvenilia from my actual youth as opposed to the middle-aged musings I typically post.

REMINDER: Megan and Peter Blackshear of Bookbound, in Ann Arbor (1729 Plymouth Road), have generously agreed to host a Reel Roy Reviews book-signing/Q&A this Saturday, April 26 at 3 pm. There will be singing and laughing and merriment … and punch and coffee. So be there!

bullfighter and the lady 1  bullfighter and the lady 2bullfighter and the lady 3bullfighter and the lady 4bullfighter and the lady 5bullfighter and the lady 6bullfighter and the lady 7bullfighter and the lady 8     [The end. 🙂 ]


Reel Roy Reviews is now a book! Please check out this coverage from BroadwayWorld of upcoming book launch events. In addition to online ordering at Amazon or from the publisher Open Books, the book currently is being carried by Bookbound, Common Language Bookstore, and Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room in Ann Arbor, Michigan; by Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan; and by Memory Lane Gift Shop in Columbia City, Indiana. Bookbound, Common Language, and Memory Lane also have copies of Susie Duncan Sexton’s Secrets of an Old Typewriter series.

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