Soon to a theater near you: Fifty Shades of Grey … the birthday party

Spotted this unfortunately delightful mix of film and event promotion yesterday at Ypsilanti’s Rave Theater. Fun for the whole family!

Fifty Shades of Grey birthday!

Perhaps the party-goers will need entertainment? If so, we Penny Seats will be happy to assist!


Reel Roy Reviews 2

Reel Roy Reviews 2

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15 thoughts on “Soon to a theater near you: Fifty Shades of Grey … the birthday party

  1. I won’t be able to walk past where they have those parties at the theater and keep a straight face ever again…

  2. hilarity is ours! and if this film bashes the issue of sexuality the way eyes wide shut did which I got to see because my neighbor had hbo pumped into an outlet without paying and it popped up on my screen and I viewed that movie through a venetian blind effect which made it even more interesting, I say three cheers for grey…sex is not one of the five senses nor is it required for the joy of being alive…that was Kubrick’s message…now as for kids’ birthday parties…those too are overrated non-necessities…am I a cynic or what? but somehow the two hang together in my mind…sex and birthday parties…not necessary…oh, I forgot that athletics and guns and underwear are also ridiculous human inventions! signed: Susie happy indeed to be from another planet much more normal than this one!

  3. hah! synergy at work – just saw a news story about the vermont teddy bear company, making special ‘adult’ bears for valentine’s day with special messages for 50 shades adults and tying it in with the movie. a bit too synergetic for my blood – keep the kid’s toys out of it –

  4. I have read the Shades of Grey series. They are horribly written, but I found them simply delightful books. Maybe it’s the repressed Mormon in me, enjoying babysteps into the realm of life outside a hyper-moralistic bubble. I am trying to get up the courage to go and actually see the movie in the theater…but I don’t think I could stomach watching this with a birthday party. Or maybe that’s the only way to see it? 🙂

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