MLK holiday movie marathon (VIDEO): Paddington, Foxcatcher, Selma, American Sniper

Enjoy this quick video synopsis of movies we saw over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend – Paddington, Foxcatcher, Selma, American Sniper. (You can read the full reviews of all four below this entry).


And thanks to The Columbia City Post & Mail for this additional shout-out for the release of Reel Roy Reviews, Vol. 2: Keep ‘Em Coming!

Post and Mail RRR2 Redux


Reel Roy Reviews 2

Reel Roy Reviews 2

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11 thoughts on “MLK holiday movie marathon (VIDEO): Paddington, Foxcatcher, Selma, American Sniper

  1. Interesting what you said about American Sniper. It makes me weary about supporting for those very reasons, and I see that I’m right. Yikes. Nice condensed reviews here.

  2. I loved this format! Your written format is excellent as well, but this really demonstrated the ease with which you formulate your sophisticated opinions, plus the refreshing honesty of a face-to-face conversation! I was really struck by your comments about American Sniper. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I have noticed that people seem to line up on the poles with respect to support for this film. Do you think that the purpose of the director was to instill within the audience the feeling that you yourself came away with, or the more neo-con patriotic zealousy that I’ve seen in a lot of my FB friends?

    • that’s a really good question – I keep hoping that Eastwood simply thought he was telling a good story and all of us have gone off the deep end on one extreme or the other. I’m just not sure. you MUST go see it and be the arbiter of reason here!! and thanks for your kind words on the video format – I’m still working out the kinks!!

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