Yup, I’m singing on another fun Hard Taco song – this time, “Attack Ads”!

Das BootHappy New Year! Enjoy the latest from Zach London and Hard Taco (and, yeah, I’m singing on this one along with Matt Cameron and Brent Stansfield and Lauren M. London and Rebecca Biber). Zach writes, “The Hard Taco song for January is called, ‘Attack Ads.’ I hope listeners know me enough to recognize that this is not simply a send-up of our political system. Nor is it a style-parody of songs that mimic political farces. Rather, it is a lyrical pasquinade that deconstructs the recipe for lampooning pastiches that impersonate parodies of political spoofs. In other words, it is a Gobstopper of satire, with so many layers that no one is cultured enough to appreciate it on the level it was intended.” Enjoy!!


Click here to listen …


EPSON MFP imageHey, be sure to sign-up for his blog. It comes out the first of every month, is chock-full-of-fun, and is FREE!

You can find all of Zach’s Hard Taco music history at hardtaco.org … and here are shortcuts to all the other songs I’ve been privileged to perform with this talented crew – click title to listen/download (free!):



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Reel Roy Reviews 2

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