#teamdifficult: “King Kong came to our town …”

My family often deals with sadness and heartache through wit and humor. I think that’s why many of us take a shine to satirists and absurdists. Mel Brooks. Sid Caesar. Stephen Colbert. Sacha Baron Cohen. Kathy Griffin. Richard Pryor. Noel Coward. Jonathan Winters. Steve Allen. Spike Jones. Carl Reiner. Oscar Wilde.

The arrivals in today’s mail fall right in that vein. My parents loved Dory Previn, the quintessential pop music feminist/satirist, so I had ordered this album for nostalgic healing. And my mom would have gotten such a kick from this letter/sticker combo that I received for my contribution at http://www.stickerformenonly.com.

I think of my mom often right now and about how fired up she would be over the state of the world. And how MSNBC would have been blasting from her TV set 24/7. I can only hope I find ways to honor her legacy and speak up for #teamdifficult.

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