My mom Susie Duncan Sexton beautifully honored by the Whitley County Humane Society Animal Shelter for the cause she held most dear

Thank you, Abbi Carroll and Whitley County Humane Society Animal Shelter and all of those who contributed to my mom Susie Sexton’s memorial fund. We are so honored and thrilled by this tribute:

“If you met Susie Sexton you immediately were drawn to her big smile and magnetic personality. She was truly a larger-than-life legend and one of the brightest stars in Whitley County. She was known for her storytelling and zest for life. After her unexpected passing in August, there is now a permanent legacy to Susie at the Humane Society of Whitley County.

“Susie had many roles in life, daughter, wife, mother, teacher, professional actor and writer. She was also a staunch advocate for animal rights issues. It was only fitting that memorials include her passion for animal welfare as they were directed to the Humane Society of Whitley County.

“Susie and her husband Don Sexton were long-time supporters of the shelter and its mission to provide sanctuary to homeless animals in Whitley County. Just a few years ago, Susie and Don adopted a bonded pair of hard-to-place, Labrador Retrievers from the local shelter. The #dogs, Duncan and Duchess, didn’t have the best of life before their adoption, but the pair of escape artists won the lottery when they went to live with Susie and Don.

“After her passing, memorials came in from across the US. And, wow, did the memorials come in! It just showed how much Susie was truly loved.

“It wasn’t long before Don and Susie’s son Roy reached out to Abbi Carroll, Director of the local shelter, and asked what they could do in remembrance of Susie. It was decided that a room would be named in her honor. Combining Susie’s love of #animals and #writing, one of the adoption rooms at the shelter was recently named ‘Susie Duncan Sexton’s Typewriter Tabby’.

“A fitting tribute to a woman who had a passion for animals, writing and truly lived life to the fullest.”

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Ohhh 😭… Abbi Carroll, Whitley County Humane Society Animal Shelter, The Post and Mail, we are so dang happy with this. Don, John, and I and our family thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Front page of the paper she loved for which she wrote for years and for a cause so dear to her (and us). In the hometown to which she dedicated all her mind and heart to documenting its history. This means everything. She would be so proud. I can hear her happy squeal and joyous laughter. Thank you to our beloved friends far and wide who generously donated to her memorial and made this dream a reality.

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