Yours truly quoted in’s “When It Comes to Office Returns, Associates and Staff Are a Workforce Divided”

Thank you to Dan Packel from ALM Media, LLC for including my thoughts in this well-crafted, illuminating, at times provocative piece on the divide between associates and staff where return-to-office is concerned. Highly recommend reading, and NOT necessarily because I’m in here!

Read the full article here:

“Even in more client-facing roles, different personality types can thrive in a hybrid world. Clark Hill director of marketing Roy Sexton describes himself as an introvert, and he’s thrilled that his firm is giving him the ability to continue spending several days a week outside of the office. That’s where he’s at his best in developing new ideas. ‘Understanding that it is a business, there is a benefit to being together physically. I miss my colleagues and I miss seeing them in person,’ he adds. ‘I do think there’s something to be said for getting up, getting ready and putting on something more than basketball shorts and a goofy T-shirt. I miss having some distance between work and home.’”

“It’s a major award!”
My archivist dad has unearthed these wonderful vintage photos

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