From the theatre world to legal marketing … yours truly guests on “The Marketing Moguls” podcast #lmamkt

Thank you, Tier 11, for inviting me on as a guest for your #MarketingMoguls podcast! I enjoyed our conversation very much – always fun to share our stories and experiences in this space.

Episode description (I read this and think, “Wait, are they writing about ME?!?”): Are you ready to skyrocket your marketing strategies and dominate your competition? Look no further! On this episode of Marketing Moguls, we’re sitting down with a marketing heavyweight who has made a big impact in the industry. With decades of experience under their belt, they’ll be sharing insider tips and tricks on how to increase conversions, create winning ad campaigns, and make sure your brand stays top-of-mind with your target audience.

“You’ll hear about the executive’s unique journey from the theater world to marketing and how they’ve leveraged digital channels and creative techniques to reach a massive 12 million people on social media in just one year. Plus, learn how their forward-thinking CEO has used company culture as a marketing tool, helping to set their brand apart from the rest.

“Don’t miss this exciting episode of Marketing Moguls where you’ll get the chance to pick the brain of one of the most innovative minds in the industry. Tune in now and elevate your marketing game to the next level!”

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

00:00:00 Meet The Marketing Mavericks: Top Executives And Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

00:02:27 Charting Your Course In Marketing: Insights From The Legal Marketing Association – LMA International

00:04:17 Behind The Scenes: Marketing For Theater Productions And Supporting Actors

00:08:24 Striking The Perfect Balance: Expert Marketing Strategies Melded With Following Orders

00:09:35 Navigating The New Normal: Restructuring And Reorganizing Marketing In A Pandemic

00:13:09 From Concept To Conversion: Innovative Marketing Ideas For Optimal Results

00:15:50 Maximizing Your Reach: The Power of The Funnel In Guiding Purchasing Decisions

00:17:36 Building A Strong Brand: Using Voice And Culture To Drive Marketing Success

00:18:34 The Advantages of Scale: Accelerating Growth Through Lateral Acquisitions and Joining A Larger Team

Listen here:…/b27baaee-cf74-4d0c-bdd4…


Why am I wearing a knit hat inside on an unseasonably warm February Day in #Michigan? Not to mention the fact that wearing a knit hat makes me look like an egg, and wearing a pastel green hat makes me look like an Easter egg? Well, it’s all for a good cause. Join us as we #ShamrockTheHouse. McDonald’s restaurants in Michigan will be donating $.25 from every #ShamrockShake and #OreoShamrockMcFlurry to support #RonaldMcDonaldHouseCharities. Get a sweet treat and help an important cause. I am a proud board member of Ronald McDonald House Charities Ann Arbor! #keepingfamiliesclose

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