“Teaser days.” LMA President’s message for February … #lmamkt #lma23

Original post here For those of us who live in climates where there are more fir trees than palm trees, there’s a saying my husband and I have for those unseasonably warm days that remind us spring is just around the corner: “Teaser days.”

We had a few gloriously sunny, vibrant teaser days last week ― the kind where it seems our tulips and daffodils might burst spontaneously from the ground in full color. Of course, now we’re back to the arctic blast we typically have this time of year in Michigan. But as we rapidly move through the year, days like this do remind us that good times are ahead.

The news cycle is full of portentous warnings and frightening updates about the economy and job loss, environmental tragedies, violence, political wrangling and what feels like one existential threat after another. It’s easy to lose faith, but these teaser days are a reminder of what‘s redeeming about this world. The promise of change, reconnection to the earth and reconnection to each other make it easier to get excited once again for what the future may hold.

I’m similarly grateful for our community. Whether we gather in person or online, your creativity, your caring hearts and your thoughtfulness feed the soul. I’m watching our regions and our Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) generate incredible content, educational offerings and events. I see you celebrate each other, your accomplishments and your thought leadership. I smile when you post an inspiring mix of the personal and the professional on social media. The warm glow of our collective experience heals.

This is a remarkable community.

In March, I invite you to join me for a Town Hall conversation. We’ll offer updates on what the LMA International Board is working on in advance of our April Annual Conference (see more on that below). A few things you can look forward to during this conversation:

  •  A spotlight on the excellent marketing support (game sees game!) from our HQ team.
  •  An open mic to any of our regional presidents who want to share what they’re excited about this year.
  •  Open dialogue for any concerns, opportunities or celebrations you’d like to share.

In the same spirit of openness, if you’re interested in the work our committees, SIGs and regions are pursuing, click here for a summary of the goals. It’s such a fantastic group of leaders and I think you’ll be struck by the intentionality of their work.

Finally, speaking of palm trees, I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer this reminder of our incredible LMA Annual Conference happening this April in Florida. We recently announced our impressive General Counsel Panel and our exciting Keynote Speaker

We look forward to welcoming more than 1,000 of our community to the conference, and it promises to be a fun, informative, energized gathering. Register now and meet me there! Bonus: We have some surprises planned! More on those later, but spoiler alert ― you’ll want to dig out your best fab ‘80s fashion flare for our Tuesday night party. Rad!

Keep dreaming of spring!💐

Love you!


President, 2023 LMA International Board of Directors

Roy E. Sexton
Director of Marketing
Clark Hill

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