“There are amazing people around you” #LMA23

The past weekend the Legal Marketing Association – LMA International international board and team gathered. It was by turns an invigorating, provocative, robust, and inspiring conversation. Grateful to be part of this engaging group and Association community.

We had an incredible enrichment activity with Axelle Flemming (FKA Melissa Yee Loy) Being Axelle – thank you, Kevin Iredell, for bringing her to us. She’ll also be at #LMA23 for all our membership to benefit from her wisdom.

In short, we all live to a great extent in the fight or flight side of our brains, and when we are in that survival mode, there is absolutely no way to grow, be strategic, be truly inclusive, or make a long term difference in this world. She gave us great language and ideas to shape our team dynamic and our service to our organization. I look forward to her engaging more with our broader community and sharing her perspective.

As for this Post It note, she asked each of us to slap one on our back and let our colleagues write words that they associated with us. Our personal “brand” through the eyes of our peers. The results were funny, entertaining, and poignant. Yes, I will be framing mine. #lmamkt

Thanks to my dear friend Nancy Myrland who found inspiration in this post to craft this wonderful and authentic blog entry: https://www.myrlandmarketing.com/lawyers-what-is-holding-you-back-from-growing-your-practice/

Excerpt: “Instead of taking the deceptive path of least resistance and fleeing from the amazing work that I know you can do, I invite you to allow yourself to fight through those barriers, that scar tissue, and to choose to do the things you need to do to grow your practice. There are amazing people around you, and yes, I am one of them, that are here to help you if you don’t know where to start. (That sounded kind of braggy, didn’t it?)”

I’m not right. Saw this poor stuffed rabbit tossed in the street in Hollywood, Florida. (Here for a meeting.) Felt sorry for said bunny. So I bought a bottle of Dawn Detergent at 7-11 and soaked the little fellow in the hotel tub. Turned out ok if I do say so myself. I’m quite the world traveler. 🤣 Laura Gassner Otting, gets the win for its name: “Bed Bugs Bunny.” 😅

For those worried/wondering about little Bed Bugs Bunny’s fate (h/t to Auntie Laura Gassner Otting, Author/Speaker for that name), he’s spun (literally) through our “day spa” (laundry room) twice and is now ensconced with some newfound friends (h/t Miss Coco Peru and Passle) in our “salon” (guest bedroom). He’s even found some reading material (h/t Heidi Smith / Beth Kennedy). Welcome home, buddy. #rescue #bekind #florida #michigan #bunny #secondchances #makeover

My sweet dad Don Sexton with this beautiful, creative #valentines surprise in the mail. My heart. Though I think Hudson is more impressed with my dad’s art than mine. Admittedly these drawings of mine that my dad unearthed were from when I was 3 or 4. Or maybe from college. Who knows? 🤷 #family #love #valentinesday #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogslife