Thank you, Don Lee for hosting me on your show #Shift2Growth! High energy, high impact, high fun


Thank you, Don Lee, for having me on as a guest, for your joy and insight, and for always being so open-minded and open-hearted ❤️. Don writes …

Thank you Roy Sexton, Director of Marketing at Clark Hill Law for joining me on the #Shift2Growth show, where we talk to the worlds best marketing leaders to gain #insights, #strategy and #execution on what the best of the best are doing!

We had a great discussion on what cool #projects Roy is working on with his clients. We spoke about #valueaddedservices , #brandbuilding, #accountbasedmarketing, #legalmarketing, #insightsanddata , #differentiation , #courage and his favorite tool Sprout Social, Inc.

Thank you, Roy Sexton, for sharing your wisdom and passion!

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P.S. and thank you, Deborah Farone, for these lovely tweets … 🥰🥰🥰

Legal Marketing Coffee Talk with Heather and Jay Harrington and yours truly

Rob Kates and I had a fabulous chat today with my fellow Michiganders Heather and Jay Harrington, founders of Harrington Communications and Life and Whim.

View here:

These two are authentic, accessible, iconic marketers AND human beings. We discussed the need for a consistent (and empathetic) drumbeat of thought leadership, how good and responsive design is key to powerful communications, the energizing nexus of art and commerce, the therapeutic benefits of writing, and how taking a helpful and conversational approach to social media is key to growth.

Mentions during the show include Tom Nixon, Susan Ahern, Susie Sexton, Don Lee, Nikki Bagdady Horn, Stephanie Preston, Clark Hill Law, Kerr Russell, Trott Law, Jem and the Holograms, Thanos, Tom Hanks, “Gretchen Warner,” Infinity Gauntlet, Legal Marketing Association, Traverse City, baseball, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, art, dogs, unsupervised second graders, Mad Men, and more. Enjoy!