The Future of Work: Human Connections #lma23 #lmamkt … interview with yours truly


Thank you, Gina Longo! I so enjoyed our conversation a few weeks back, and WOW! I love how you captured and framed it here. I come off like quite the good-hearted provocateur! I’ll take it! Love you

EXCERPT: “And I’ll add one more: live in abundance, not scarcity. Stop competing with your own colleagues over nothing. Don’t do that to people. Just be open and transparent and assume there’s enough to go around. Even in a recession, even when people are losing their jobs, still be open and honest and direct with people and you’ll find that you’ll be served well your whole life. …

“What I have seen in 25, 30 years of working is that people don’t know how to manage for outcomes, so they manage for style. What time did you show up? Did you do enough FaceTime? How long did you stay? When did you leave? …

“You hired smart people, so let them be smart. Let them do what they do best. Don’t tie their hands. I work the way I work; you work the way you work. And if I’m not delivering, then the door is open for you to tell me what kind of shoes to wear. But other than that, get out of my way.”


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