Even though I am too old to be doing all these silly things

I am very lucky to have parents who continue to support and celebrate everything I do, even though I am too old to be doing all these silly things. My dad always makes a point to brag about me at his weekly Rotary meetings in Columbia City, Indiana, the small town in which I grew up and where my parents still reside. Below is a snapshot of the front page of the latest Rotary newsletter – you can see a mention of me and the latest book in the lower right corner. Thanks, Susie and Don – love you!

Axle Grease RRR2


Reel Roy Reviews 2

Reel Roy Reviews 2

Reel Roy Reviews is now TWO books! You can purchase your copies by clicking here (print and digital)

In addition to online ordering at Amazon or from the publisher Open Books, the first book is currently is being carried by Bookbound, Common Language Bookstore, and Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room in Ann Arbor, Michigan and by Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan.

My mom Susie Duncan Sexton’s Secrets of an Old Typewriter series is also available on Amazon and at Bookbound and Common Language.

14 thoughts on “Even though I am too old to be doing all these silly things

  1. So sweet, Roy. If only all parents were like this! And your parents have much to be proud of — and frankly, what you call “silly” gives a lot of people enjoyment. Life’s too short and often too sad to not grasp what we can of pleasure, connection, and love.

    • wow! Emily, between your comment and my parents’ joie de vivre, this really made my day!! thank you, friend!! and I’ve got my marching orders – MORE silliness on its way!! 🙂

      On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 9:57 AM, Reel Roy Reviews wrote:


  2. I think you are never too old for these types of things, and it is awesome that your parents support you in them 😀

  3. I think don should read excerpts every week…so that maybe one of those babbits might actually BUY a book to support a local FAMOUS author…one of these days they might even list the title? your website? and amazon.com??????? heaven forbid? never enough feedback for this mother of roy! whom do ya gotta know in this burg? 😉 winky winky!

  4. there is no way you are too old for this mischief. no one is ever too old for it. when we are, we die. as you can see, your dream life models, susie and don, are still going strong! we need to make bracelets, ‘mayhem strong!’

  5. Like the previous comments, I champion the ‘you’re never too old’ philosophy of life! You’re a joy and an inspiration! Keep making us all feel younger!

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